Debbie Gibson


… The Ride to Long Island was long and we were getting tired. Robin, Fonzi and I had already completed the “Anything is Possible” album, so we were very curious about talking with Diane Gibson, Debbie’s mom and Manager, about going on tour with her. As we turn the corner a huge estate loomed before us and large Gated Gates separated us from getting in . We entered and got out of the limousine. We were greeted by Diane who started talking about how Debbie was growing up and how she had plans to now introduce her as an adult….

…As I walked into their Living Room the essence of “Long Island chic” kicked in. Pink Carpeting, chandeliers, candelabras, The obligatory Piano nestled into the corner and the huge plate of cold cuts looming before us let us know, in no uncertain terms. Debbie Gibson lived here…

excerpts from “Dancing with the Big Boys”


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