A Letter From The Editor

Hello Everyone,

I’ve always wanted to write something about my life. Every time I read an article and see how WRONG the facts can get I wonder…hmmm… why didn’t they just ask me?  Some have and some have not. I try to be as candid as possible with them and yet, it really doesn’t matter, does it.  Why? Because they were not there,so they could never convey all that made up the experience. Although I must admit that in bits and pieces, some have come close.

I could never write a book without my wife Robin Clark. You might know her as the featured vocalist with Simple Minds during their “Once upon A Time” Hit period. Or maybe you remember “Dance, Dance,Dance” with the classic line “Youssah,Yussah,Youssah”. Well, needless to say it has always been Robin and Carlos. And when I say always. I really mean it. It has been amazing how our careers have developed together. And so, now that I want to talk about my life I find it must actually be “our Lives”. But, let me first say that some things we do not share. I did not share her touring with Simple Minds. She did not share my touring with Iggy Pop. We shared David Bowie but not John Lennon. I had Paul McCartney, she had Ringo Starr. When she toured with Laura Nyro I toured with Graham Parker….etc,etc,blah, blah, blah…and yet, here we are 40 years later. I just finished Alicia Keys Album and she was singing with Dolly Parton. I guess it just gets better…

So we will both input some stories and take questions as best we can. Hoping not to drown in the process.

I thought I’d start with an excerpt from our upcoming book “Dancing with the Big Boys” written by Robin Clark and Carlos Alomar. Chapter 18 deals with a great Argentinian band I produced called “Soda Stereo” . (…and no, Robin did not share in this.)

I hope you enjoy

Carlos Alomar

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2 Responses to “A Letter From The Editor”

  1. Manny Gonzalez-Reyna August 18, 2015 at 11:00 am #

    Carlos this is awesome, I am a fan of Robin and Soda Stereo as well, we are all sad that Gustavo Cerati past away. Greetings from Utah Carlos!

    • guitarlos1 September 4, 2015 at 8:54 pm #

      Saludos Manny,
      Gustavo lives on.

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