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Loving The Alien

14 Jan

“Come on! … Come on, you guys”! Yet another day of nagging, I thought to myself. Is this what had become of me?

“Come on!  This is getting ridiculous …the food is getting cold already … by the time you eat it, it’ll…my voice trailed off. “All right then” as I was getting ready to go into a tirade of unutterable words, the phone rang.

“Hi Carlos, I have David on the other line. Can you hold on?” It was Eileen from David Bowie’s Office. It was great to hear Eileen’s voice.

  “Sure” I said, as I licked my now, dry lips with my tongue. Was my mouth dry because of the nervousness or was it that I had wasted all my salivary fluids, drooling over the lost meal I was missing out on?

“Here’s David” she said and then, there was silence.

“Carlos?” came the voice on the other end of the phone.

“David?” I replied. Then we both started laughing. That exchange was always funny, no matter how many times we did it, but it was always totally enjoyable. “Is that really you?” I questioned

“Yea mate. How ya been?”

“Hey man! Pretty good” I replied as I waited to see what could have David Bowie, calling me after 6 years. God! Had it really been that long? I pondered on how long. About as long as it took my family to come to the table to eat, I thought, as they finally sat themselves down and started to complain about their cold food.

“What was this once? Dad, Huh?”  My budding daughter Lea Lorien asked in her snide voice. “Stop that, and eat your food,” retorted my wife Robin. “Can’t you see your father’s on the phone.”

“Thank you Robin,” I said, cupping the phone.

  “So what’s up?” I asked, getting back to David. “How’s married life treating you?

“Oh Man! Its Great” he replied. And then we talked. About this and that, who and when, where and how and then, he suddenly interjected.


“What?” I replied,

“5:30…Can you be in the studio at 5:30?”

“Sure, I guess” I continued “but, what’s happening? I questioned.

“Well,” he began  “I’m in the studio… Brian is here”. As he started talking, you could tell he was really getting excited. It seems he and Brian Eno were at it again, recording a new album and I guess David wanted to get that old “Trilogy” feeling again. It was a welcome thought considering the fact that David had spent so many Years with “Tin Machine” (another pseudonym for David Bowie).

I guess David had gotten discouraged. He must have finally realized, that a group effort means a total group effort. Good times and bad, thick and thin, money or no money. 

Yea, Sure!  As far as “Times” were concerned… The few British clippings I could get my hands on confirmed that they were progressively becoming bad times, the creative stream, it seems had long since thinned out, and the “monies” spent, were usually his.

Anyway, he wanted me to come to the Hit Factory in N.Y.C to record his new album.

Glancing over at Robin while I listened, I could see her lips forming the usual phone question, “Who is it?”

“David” I Shot back, in dumb tongue.

“David?” she questioned, with that look of David Who? “Bowie, David Bowie” I shot back in spoken tongue hoping to quiet her. But she wouldn’t have it. Up she got, and over to the phone she came. Standing next to me, in order to listen, she pressed herself close and lent an ear.


“Onions?” she questioned.

“Yea, Onions.” I replied. With visions of Buckwheat and Darla from the “Little Rascals” dancing in my head, I placed some distance between my lovely, but odoriferous wife and refocused on the phone conversation.

“Yeah man! … Aha…well, look …yeah…whatever you need…you know I’ll be there … and David …Thanks for the phone call … O.K.  I’ll see you then…”and just like that, it was over.

Turning back to Robin I could tell I’d have to start from the beginning and tell her everything, which I did.

After I  finished, she looked at me with that I’m-your-wife-and-I-told-you-he’d-call-look and said. “I guess he wants to be David Bowie again”. So much for Tin Machine. 

Not one to go one-on-one with an old I-told-you-so-pro, like my wife, I could only look at her and say “I guess your right.”

Chapter 1

(THE ALBUM)… to be continued…

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