Mick Jagger-1985

…..so I found myself in this little studio with Mick. I kept giving him suggestions and he would calmly listen and say something like….”yeah, that’s nice. Let’s hear something else…or Maybe something a little faster” It almost seemed like he wanted to preview every idea I ever had. Little did he know that I had a bottomless pit of ideas and could put my mind on “Random” all night long. David had already warned me to be careful…but, I was confident and cocky and quite honestly Mick and I were getting on quite well and the music just kept getting better. …

       ……It was Mick’s  first venture away from the Stones, so I knew that I needed to give it my all. When he asked me to play on the album I could see the look of shock when I said no. first of all…. I was Bowie’s man and was not about to infringe on the sacred Keith Richards arena of guitar work. Secondly, I was the only writer on the album and I wanted to keep it that way….

excerpt from “Dancing with the Big Boys”


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