Casiopea, One of Japan’s best jazz bands ask me to produce an album for them. I was happy to oblige… these guys were each, AMAZING musicians. I mean these cats could play anything. I set out to not only arrange some amazing songs, but give them a stereophonic experience. The recording session was a fight as I wanted Rock and Roll distortion on some things and the Japanese engineers trained into not ever, ever, ever going into the red distortion zone fought me for control. I had a great time, winning. My favorite arrangement was a song called “Mother Earth”. My Engineer, Andy Heermans and I slaved to get just the right intro. I think we succeed in creating the planet and then sprouting the tree of life in this classic introduction to


Casiopea, wanted to get funky and rock out a song, but every time they tried it didn’t work. My friend John Waite was in town, so I wrote them this song called “Somethings Wrong, Change it”.

John loved it and sang it as the featured vocalist. In this live version, Yuko Kusunoke sings the lead. ( would you believe it, he doesn’t speak english).



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