Luther Vandross

…..” Come On Luther!!!!” I could not believe that Luther had convinced me to sneak into this school room, simply to give him access to the piano. We only had 2 weeks to the talent show and Luther was determined to get our group the “Shades Of Jade” primed and ready.  Fordham University only had 2 rooms with Pianos and I could not believe that Luther had once again manipulated me into doing what he wanted. I remember once Luther going to my house and convincing my Mother, in his broken spanish… that her 15 year old son Carlos simply had to have these jade green patent leather shoes from “Florshiems”. The fact that they were out of her price range, or the fact that it would take away from our food money did not deter Luther. I don’t know how he did it, but I could see my mother’s amused face as Luther tried to find the right translation for “talent show” and his horrid verbalization of “Za-Pa-To”- (shoe) “.  But I could see that my mother was holding back the tears of laughter that would eventually melt her heart. Luther got me those shoes….

excerpt from “Dancing With The Big Boys”


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