Paul McCartney

…I followed him down the hall and there it was…Heaven. The first thing that caught my eye was Paul’s classic Hofner Bass, then my eyes quickly saw the Beatles classic Vox stack Amplifiers. I could not believe my eyes, behind this HUGE glass sliding door were every classic, vintage, original guitar, basse and amplifier that marked every glorious moment that was, the odyssey of Paul McCartney’s musical journey.  I had to stop and just try to take it all in….Heaven.

   ….Paul invited me upstairs and so I accepted and we left the kitchen. I found a comfortable soft lounge chair and plopped down on it. It welcomed me with a contoured seat that had been molded by years of comfort. Paul entertained himself by rolling the biggest joint I’d seen to date. We smoked for a while, exchanging stories. Paul getting more and more excited as I recounted my R&B days with Chuck Berry, Wilson Picket, James Brown, the O’Jays, the Main Ingredient and countless after-hour joints and “Chittlin’ Circuit” road houses. He in turn demystified all the hidden years behind my favorite albums “Revolver”, “Rubber Soul” and talks about gurus and Transcendental Meditation.

      …After a few hours I looked at paul and said.” …say Paul, don’t you think I should play something, you know that’s what I’m here for ” and off we went to the basement of “Hog Hill Studio” to record what would become one of my favorite cuts on the album. The title cut “Press to Play

excerpts from “Dancing with the Big Boys”


3 Responses to “Paul McCartney”

  1. Derek Gentry April 24, 2019 at 2:27 pm #

    I have always loved the Press to Play album, and the track “Press” in particular. Your guitar sound on the solo for that track is one of my all-time favorites — do you remember what equipment/pedals you used to create it?

    • guitarlos1 May 27, 2019 at 4:35 pm #

      It was mostly studio gear. I pretty much know my way around the studio quality gear so I sometimes prefer to use it instead of my pedalboard. It requires a good conversation with the producer/engineer (Hugh Padgham) and you’re ready to go.

      • Derek Gentry May 31, 2019 at 9:56 am #

        Thanks so much, Carlos!

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