1. .What is it like to play with Bowie and how did you meet ?

I think that this interview I did with Colin McDonald answers everything you want to know.

2. Who is the most interesting person you have ever worked for?

Bowie, obviously but outside of that…Yoko Ono was pretty interesting. Because for me interesting means that you are interesting to me or something about you is curious or that you are curious or a curiosity then Yoko Ono was a hard nut to crack, much was hidden in the layers that make up her iconic figure.

4. Where is your favorites locale?

Hawaii is beautiful and oh so tropical, but Thailand and it’s temples and people were exotic beyond belief, yet the architecture of Prague drew me from one building to another till I found myself  lost in thought. I guess as you travel around the world one favorite is replaced by another till you realize that they all have their own allure.

5.  Does your family come on tour?

When my itinerary found me in a place for longer than 5days or a  week, yes. But as my wife has also been on tours  one-nighters never really attracted her.

6. Which was your longest tour?

With all the planning stages, The David Bowie Serious Moonlight Tour lasted a little over 10 months for me

7. Which was your favorite tour?

Bowie’s Serious Moonlight tour was my favorite…..but the Iggy Pop tour came in a close second.

8. Are you ever scared on stage?

No! I love it.

9.  What was your largest capacity audience?

On May 30, 1983 we did the US festival in San Bernadino California.  It  was ridiculously Huge. I think the count was 200,000 people. On the same bill were Little Steven, Berlin, Quarterflash,US,Missing persons,Pretenders,Joe Walsh, Stevie Nicks and then the Headliner….Ta-dah…David Bowie. We went on at Dusk and played for over 2 hours. 

10What was the weirdest thing that ever happen to you onstage?

Iggy Pop asked me to take a Solo while on tour in an unexpected place in the show and I was totally willing to comply… I was encouraged to continue because Iggy ducked behind a speaker and remained there for a curious amount of time, as I awaited his return. As he reclaimed his place in the front, I withdrew to the back and that’s when I smelled it… The crazy fool took a shit behind the speakers. The roadies couldn’t  get to it, so I had to endure that smell for the length of the show. That was pretty weird but then again that’s Iggy Pop. I had a large time on that tour.


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