Alicia Keys – 2009

What a sweet wonderful woman. I met Alicia at the invitation of her chief engineer Ann Mincielli. I was giving Ann guitar lessons and she suggested that I give Alicia lessons as well, obviously I jumped at the situation. My intention was to teach her guitar and then arm her with a Synthesizer guitar with a Piano Preset. She would play the guitar, but you would hear a piano…! I ended up playing on the whole album and more….

Listen to my finger roll, creating the tension chord that begins and ends ” Unthnkable –I’m Ready

I’m presently awaiting the release of her new album that I also worked on, which should be released sometime in 2012. I can’ t wait…

Alicia Also produced some tracks for Jennifer Hudson and I was contracted to play guitar on Jennifer”s tracks as well. How sweet is that.


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